Opening Hours

Salon and Spa Hours

Monday 11-7 Tuesday 9-6:00pm Wednesday 10-8:00pm Thursday 10-8:00pm Friday 9-6:00pm Saturday 9-4:00pm Sunday closed

As you can tell from the opening hours listed above, we are not a 7 days per week Salon & Day Spa.

Why is that?

Having spent years providing luxurious Salon/Spa experiences to her clients, Kathryn, our owner, became convinced that the best customer experience is always provided by team members who are relaxed and happy. And team members who work 7 days per week will not be happy for long!

Philosophy of our opening hours

We had two goals in mind when deciding what would be the most customer friendly opening hours for the Salon & Day Spa.

We are laser focused on prioritizing your requirements and expectations highest. We work tirelessly to give you the greatest customer service and most luxurious salon or spa experience we possibly can.  So, when it comes to opening hours, that translates into giving you the greatest possible choice when scheduling your next appointment.

Second, we want a staff who excel at delivering superb customer service and a luxurious Salon & Day Spa experience while you are with us. Doing that means we need a work environment that is up-beat and positive. Not one that’s tired and worn out. We want our staff enjoy what life has to offer. Both at and away from work.

Having the energy to “go that extra mile” for you also means that we need to give our staff enough time off to do the same for themselves. They need to be able to recharge fully. And that is why we have our current opening hours.

We appreciate any feedback you may have.